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Authorise Proficient Teacher Accreditation  

NSW teachers undertaking accreditation at Proficient Teacher level  must submit a selection of evidence that is annotated against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and an Accreditation Report  to their Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA).  The TAA is responsible for accrediting teachers and submitting the Report to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).

Accrediting the teacher and signing-off on the report

As the TAA you must only make an accreditation decision when you are sure the teacher has consistently demonstrated the Standard Descriptors at the level of Proficient Teacher as outlined in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers The decision is made using the supporting report from a supervisor or mentor and evidence and annotations supplied as part of the teacher’s Accreditation Report. Read what teachers are expected to prepare.

You can return the report and evidence to the teacher with suggestions if you feel it needs more detail of their practice against the Standards.

You should check that a conditionally accredited teacher has completed their qualifications before approving Proficient Teacher accreditation.

Once you are satisfied that the teacher has demonstrated the Standard Descriptors at the level of Proficient Teacher, sign the completed report and submit it to BOSTES.

Read Advice on Making the Accreditation Decision at Proficient Teacher

Refusing accreditation

If, after guidance and support from their supervisor, and after an appropriate period, the teacher has still not met the Standards, you should document this on the report at Section 3 and formally notify BOSTES.

Revocation in relation to teaching standards

TAAs may revoke a teacher’s accreditation for failing to meet any of the requirements of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. See the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 (Sections 33, 38, 39 (5) and 40 (4)).

General Grounds for Revocation of Accreditation

General grounds for revocation of accreditation at any level include if a person is found guilty of a serious offence, if a person is found guilty of multiple non-serious offences or the person is dismissed from employment as a teacher because of serious misconduct. 

See Section 24 of the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004.

Next steps

Once the signed report is received by BOSTES, it is reviewed and tracked in the online system. If the teacher has paid all fees and there are no inconsistencies with the submission, their status is updated to Proficient Teacher. BOSTES advises the teacher of their accreditation and issues a Certificate of Accreditation for Proficient Teacher, which is sent to the TAA for co-signing.

Externally reviewed

All accreditation decisions are reviewed for quality and state-wide consistency by External Assessors. External Assessors are practising teachers and subject specialists who are appointed and trained by BOSTES to advise on the quality and consistency of the evidence and annotations and the accreditation report.

More information

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