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Guidelines for school principals and supervisors

School principals and supervisors have a number of key responsibilities to help pre-service (student) teachers, new or returning teachers, and established teachers to understand their accreditation requirements and stay actively engaged in a professionally satisfying career.

Employing teachers

Accreditation is mandatory for teachers employed after 1 October 2004, or returning to teaching after an absence of five or more years. It is important school principals understand their staff’s current accreditation requirements, and the role they play to help facilitate the process.

Important points when employing new teaching staff

Supervising pre-service teachers 

Well-structured professional experience helps student teachers (also known as pre-service teachers) to develop and refine their classroom teaching practice. A Professional Experience Framework is available to help.

Read the 'Professional Experience Framework' flyer (HTML)

Download the Professional Experience Framework 

Supervising new or returning teachers

As new or returning teachers move from Provisional or Conditional Accreditation (depending on their academic qualifications) to Proficient Teacher, they need ongoing support and guidance and a transparent and consultative accreditation process with their school principal and/or supervisor.

Supervising provisionally and conditionally accredited teachers

Writing a Proficient Teacher report

Once a supervisor feels a teacher is at the level of Proficient Teacher, an Accreditation Report at Proficient Teacher is written. This accompanies the teacher’s annotated collection of evidence and should be signed by the teacher, the supervisor, the principal and the TAA. Review tips for writing this report and download report templates.

How to write a Proficient Teacher accreditation report

Helping teachers maintain accreditation

Teachers maintaining their mandatory Proficient Teacher Accreditation, must actively be responsible for pursuing their accreditation, but they rely on principals and supervisors to provide support. This covers monitoring completion of professional development (PD) requirements and approving maintenance reports.

How to help teachers maintain accreditation 

Planning and validating PD

Principals or nominated PD delegates can help teachers maintain their accreditation at all levels by supporting the planning of PD at the school and teacher level. You also need to ensure processes are in place in the school to validate Teacher Identified PD using the online teacher accreditation tool.

How to plan and validate PD

Supporting Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Accreditation

Principals play an important role in supporting teachers considering or in the process of applying for Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher Accreditation.

Read more about your role

Get your school endorsed as a PD provider

Schools will soon be able to apply to become endorsed providers with BOSTES. This will help recognise training and PD that is being run by the school, and support teachers to complete the BOSTES Registered PD hours necessary to maintain their accreditation.  A trial is underway.

Get your school endorsed