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For current teachers


Identifying QTC Registered Professional Development flyer (PDF 159 KB)

Writing the Accreditation Report - Advice for Teachers (PDF 24 KB)

Proficient Teacher

Accreditation at Proficient Teacher for Casual and Part Time Teachers (PDF 134 KB)

Examples of Practice at Proficient Teacher (PDF 340 KB)

Maintaining Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Level (PDF 218 KB)

Module 1: BOSTES and Accreditation at Proficient Teacher presentation (MS PP 2.9 MB)

Module 2: The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers presentation (MS PP 1.3 MB)

Module 3: Roles and Responsiblities presentation (MS PP 947 KB)

Module 4: Collecting and Annotating Evidence presentation (MS PP 987 KB)

Module 5: Advice for Casual or Short-term Temporary Teachers presentation (MS PP 943 KB)

Proficient Teacher Evidence Guide.pdf (PDF 751 KB)

Teachers Progressing to Proficient Teacher - Information Guide (PDF 112 KB)

Higher levels

Evidence Guide for Highly Accomplished Teacher Standards (PDF 945 KB)

Evidence Guide for Lead Teacher Standards (PDF 1 MB)

MCC advice for teachers considering applying for higher level accreditation

Professional Accomplishment Evidence Guide Support Document (PDF 429 KB)

Professional Accomplishment - Information for Teachers (PDF 88 KB)

Professional Leadership Evidence Guide Support Document (PDF 289 KB)

Professional Leadership - Information for Teachers (PDF 82 KB)

For PD providers

QTC Registered PD Promotional Guidelines (PDF 523 KB)

QTC Registered PD Promotional Guidelines - Support Material (PDF 361 KB)

Provider Manual: Becoming an endorsed Provider (PDF 426 KB)

For principals, PD delegates and TAAs

Advice on Making the Accreditation Decision at Proficient Teacher (PDF 1.50 MB)

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Accreditation for principals (449 KB)

Supporting a Teacher to Become Accredited at Proficient Teacher - How to Guide

TAA Information Pack (PDF 73 KB)

For referees

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Accreditation for referees (PDF 383 KB)

For higher education providers

Accreditation Process Guide - AITSL (PDF 1MB)

For External Observers

External Observers - Information Guide (PDF 259 KB)

External Observers at Professional Accomplishment and Professional Leadership - Information Guide (PDF 95 KB)

For higher education providers

AAITSL Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia (PDF 1 MB)