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5 tips for seeking Proficient Teacher accreditation

22 Jan 2014

  1. Have you got a copy of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers? Visit the teacher accreditation website for a range of useful support documents available for teachers working towards mandatory Proficient Teacher accreditation.
  2. Are you collecting evidence of your work as you go? It is important to collect high quality examples of your teaching that will demonstrate your achievement of the Standards from Day 1. This allows you and your supervisor to choose a strong selection of documents when you are preparing to finalise your Proficient Teacher accreditation.
  3. Are you a casual teacher? Teachers working in more than one school should still be actively seeking opportunities to demonstrate the Standards, and collecting evidence of their work along the way. It is recommended that you have the work signed by the school as you go, verifying authenticity.
  4. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Have you discussed your accreditation timeframe with your principal? Ensure you have agreed on a reasonable period to collect and collate your evidence and for them to observe your practice. Remember you need sufficient time for your employer to process your submission as well.
  5. Are you ready to submit your accreditation? Congratulations! Make sure your details are up to date with BOSTES by logging into your online account . Photocopy your report and evidence before your school sends it to your TAA. Your employer is responsible for the accreditation decision – they review it and then forward it to BOSTES.


Further information

Review information about Proficient Teacher accreditation 

Contact the Teaching Standards team by email or phone 1300 739 338 (within Australia)