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Teachers seek higher level accreditation

25 Aug 2011

Almost one thousand preliminary applications at the levels of Professional Accomplishment or Professional Leadership have now been assessed by the Institute.

Further, the number of teachers who have commenced accreditation submissions at the higher levels of the Professional Teaching Standards has recently passed two hundred.

Since accreditation at these levels is a phased process, this means around 20% of those who complete the preliminary phase make the decision to proceed to the accreditation submission phase. Around 10% of applications come from new scheme teachers, who are thus undertaking their second accreditation process.

Thirty-eight experienced classroom teachers are now accredited at the level of Professional Accomplishment, and the Institute envisages a number of teachers will also be accredited at Professional Leadership by 2012.

The Institute congratulates those teachers who were successful with their accreditation submissions, and wishes those currently undertaking the process well.

Further information about the accreditation process at Professional Accomplishment or Professional Leadership can be found by clicking the “Accreditation -- Policies and Manual” link at the left of this page, and choosing the appropriate level from the submenu.