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Accreditation panels 

Accreditation panels play an important role in overseeing the quality of all initial teacher education (ITE) programs delivered in NSW. Panels are made up of representatives from the teaching profession. Each panel includes an interstate teacher/teacher educator and all panel members have completed training.

The role of the panel

The panel’s role is to assess ITE programs. They ensure programs meet all accreditation requirements, including the Graduate Teacher stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The ITEC reviews all recommendations for program accreditation made by panels before a submission is made to the Minister for Education.

A panel of teaching professionals

Accreditation panel members represent a range of expertise. All members have received national training delivered by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).

A typical panel includes:

  • a classroom teacher
  • two teacher educators
  • a principal or executive teacher
  • at least one teacher or teacher educator from a different state or territory
  • other community or specialist personnel where relevant.

Join an accreditation panel 

Becoming involved in an accreditation panel is an excellent way to develop high-level analytical skills, engage in detailed discussions with teaching colleagues and play a role in preparing future teachers for the classroom. BOSTES encourages accredited teachers, teacher educators, school executive staff and principals to apply to become a panel member. Learn about joining an accreditation panel