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Complete 10 hours of Refresher Courses 

If you are a returning or overseas teacher you need to complete at least 10 hours of Refresher Courses in your first year of provisional accreditation. You may select approved Refresher Courses from a list of Quality Teaching Council (QTC) Registered Professional Development.

Approved Refresher Courses have been specifically designed to update and refresh professional knowledge and practice and support engagement with key NSW educational priorities. You must complete at least 10 hours of approved Refresher Courses within 12 months of being provisionally accredited.  You may work as a teacher in NSW schools during this time.

Refresher Course requirements

1. Complete courses

You need to undertake courses from each of the following areas:

This might include courses relating to assessment and key learning areas, from the NSW BOSTES syllabuses, or core curriculum areas like literacy and numeracy.

This might include courses relating to pedagogical knowledge, skills and understanding of teaching strategies that build evidence-based practice and improves effective student learning and classroom management.

Educational expectations
This might include courses relating to:

  • the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • system and/or school priorities
  • legal and professional requirements such as child protection, emergency response, first aid, code of conduct, duty of care awareness and compliance.
  • Find Refresher Courses

    2. Record your participation 

    3.    Submit your Refresher Course Record and supporting documents

    You need to email two attachments as outlined below and with the subject line REFRESHER COURSE SUBMISSION:


    Cover Page (MS Word: 89 KB)
    Refresher Course Record (MS Excel: 21 KB)

    More information

    Read the Professional Development Refresher Course policy.

    If you have a question please email or phone us on 1300 739 338 (within Australia).