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Checking your qualifications

To be accredited by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) to teach in a NSW school, interstate and overseas trained teachers must hold equivalent qualifications and meet the same requirements for Provisional or Conditional Accreditation as graduates of accredited NSW teaching degrees.

What qualifications do overseas teachers need?

Teachers need to have completed a minimum of four years of tertiary study and have been awarded a teaching qualification (eg, a Bachelor of Education or a bachelor degree and a postgraduate teaching qualification). If you meet this requirement you will be eligible for Provisional Accreditation.

Some countries, for example Ireland, only require teachers to have completed 3 years of tertiary study to become a teacher. If this is the case you will be eligible for Conditional Accreditation. You will be required to complete additional study to become a fully accredited teacher in NSW. This could involve completing a fourth year upgrade program or a Masters degree. If you are conditionally accredited you will receive more specific advice about any additional study needed.

A number of other countries have alternative pathways to become a teacher rather than a tertiary teaching qualification.

For example, many states in the United States of America have a teacher certification/licensing program where university graduates are licenced or certified as teachers by the State Education Department, without a teaching degree being awarded by a recognised higher education provider.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom many students complete a Graduate Teacher Program that leads to Qualified Teacher Status. This is an in-school learning process and does not lead to the award of a teaching qualification from a recognised higher education provider. If you have completed one of these alternative pathways you will not be provisionally accredited but may be conditionally accredited. If so, you will need to complete additional study that leads to the award of a teaching qualification.

You may still be eligible for employment as a teacher in a casual or temporary capacity, even if you are required to complete additional study to be eligible for permanent employment in a NSW public school.  To find out more about becoming a teacher in NSW public schools visit the DEC School Careers Centre.

Information on subject requirements for Primary and High School Teachers is available here.

Apply for Provisional or Conditional Accreditation

To be accredited by BOSTES you need to provide your academic qualifications, including the university subjects you have completed. BOSTES may identify that you need to undertake further study to be eligible for Provisional Accreditation.  It will also outline if you need to do an English language test.

Apply for Provisional or Conditional Accreditation

More about the English Language Proficiency test

What if your academic documents are in another language?

If any of your qualifications are in a language other than English you will need to provide certified copies of both the original documents, as well as certified copies of translations of the documents. The translation must be done by an accredited translator. In Australia, the documents must be translated by a person accredited with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

More about translation of documents

Read the document checklist

Get accreditation for the first time

Once you have been provisionally or conditionally accredited by BOSTES, you can work as a teacher in NSW. Your qualifications will determine if you receive Provisional or Conditional Accreditation.

How to get accreditation for the first time in NSW

More information

If you have a question please email or call us on 1300 739 338 (within Australia) or +61 2 9268 6300 (from overseas).