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Increased academic standards for studying teaching

Future teachers will need to meet increased academic standards to study an accredited undergraduate teaching degree in NSW.

What are the requirements for an undergraduate teaching degree?

From 2016, a minimum standard of three Band 5 HSC results, including one in English, applies to undertaking an accredited undergraduate teaching degree.

To study teaching you will need to:

  1. achieve at least three Band 5 HSC results, including one in English OR
  2. pass bridging units benchmarked to a Band 5 HSC result OR
  3. enrol in an accredited degree and pass a full year of academic studies in the subjects you will teach OR
  4. complete a BOSTES approved alternative entry pathway as advised by your prospective university.

What about HSC extension courses where a Band 5 result is not available?

Band E3 or above results in an HSC extension course meet the Band 5 requirements for a teaching degree.

Why can you enter an approved undergraduate combined or double degree without three Band 5s?

Accredited undergraduate combined, double or integrated degrees may be approved as meeting condition 3 above.

For this approval, courses need to show how their students will meet a minimum academic standard, comparable to three Band 5s, early in the course. This can be achieved by requiring you to pass one year of academic studies in the subjects you will teach, before you study how to teach.

Have the requirements for studying a graduate entry teaching degree changed?

No. BOSTES requirements for studying graduate entry teaching degrees have not changed.

Do I need to sit the Commonwealth's Literacy and Numeracy test?

From 2016, all teacher education students are required to pass a literacy and numeracy test to begin their final professional experience placement. For further information see Literacy and Numeracy Test.

Why are academic standards being increased?

Teaching is an academically rigorous profession. Ensuring teaching students are high achievers is essential for improving student outcomes and job opportunities for graduate teachers.

Increasing academic standards will also help to improve awareness and understanding about the importance of teachers and the value of the profession to the community.

Strengthening requirements for studying teaching degrees is an initiative of the NSW Government Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL) - Blueprint for Action.