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Who logs, evaluates and validates Proficient Teacher professional development?

26 Feb 2014

To maintain Proficient Teacher accreditation, teachers must complete at least 100 hours of professional development (PD) over five years (if full time) or seven years (if part time or casual). This includes at least 50 hours of BOSTES Registered PD courses. The remaining hours can be made up of either Teacher Identified or BOSTES Registered PD.

Logging and validating Registered PD

Your training provider should log and validate your attendance in your online teacher accreditation account, within 30 days of attending a registered course.

BOSTES registered courses provided by the Department of Education and Communities are transferred to your teacher accreditation account, when your MyPL record is completed.

Evaluating Registered PD

After your Registered PD is logged, you need to evaluate the course. To do this:

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Click on the Teacher tab
  3. Click on Professional Development and then View/add/edit/evaluate Institute PD
  4. Click ‘Eval’ for the course and complete and submit the form.

Logging Teacher Identified PD

You need to log your own Teacher Identified PD within your teacher accreditation account.  To do this:

  1. Login to My Account
  2. Click on the Teacher tab
  3. Click on ‘Professional Development’ and then ‘View/add/edit/evaluate Institute PD’
  4. Select ‘Add new’
  5. Select ‘Teacher Identified’ from the Participation Type drop down menu
  6. Enter a title, type of activity, dates and relevant standards.
  7. Go to Personal Details to check your employment details are up to date to ensure your PD can be validated

Validating Teacher Identified PD

Your TAA or PD delegate (usually your principal) will login to their accreditation account to validate your Teacher Identified PD.

What’s next?

Once your professional development is evaluated and validated, it will appear on your PD Progress Report within your teacher accreditation account.

For further information

  • Login to your teacher accreditation account
  • Visit the teacher accreditation website for information about the requirements for maintaining your Proficient Teacher accreditation
  • Email the Professional Learning team at