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STEM specialisations for primary teachers

9 May 2016

Primary teacher education students are able to complete a teaching specialisation in mathematics or science and technology.

This follows BOSTES’s developing, in consultation with major stakeholders, a policy framework for primary teaching specialisations and content requirements in the first two priority areas of mathematics and science and technology.

Primary teaching students completing a specialisation will undertake additional courses in maths or science, and in how to teach these subjects.

Graduates with a STEM specialisation will have broader employment options and be available to lead efforts in primary schools to strengthen students’ knowledge, skills and confidence in maths and science from kindergarten. This confidence and skills will better prepare primary students to continue these subjects in high school.

The formal recognition of primary teaching specialisations is one of a suite of BOSTES measures to enhance the teaching of STEM in NSW schools.

At least three NSW universities, Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney and the University of Sydney have submitted primary specialisations to BOSTES for approval.

Read the pdf format Requirements for Primary Teaching Specialisations (32.69 KB) and content requirements for specialisations in mathematics and science and technology. The policy is part of the guide for higher education providers on preparing teaching programs for accreditation.

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