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Great Teaching, Inspired Learning update

27 Jan 2015

The NSW Government is implementing the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL) reforms to further improve the high standards of teaching and create greater awareness of the contribution teachers make to the NSW community.

Work on these significant reforms is continuing.

Initial Teacher Education 

BOSTES has recently published a series of reports on the quality of teacher education:

  • Classroom Management and Students with Special Education Needs
  • Literacy Learning in the Early Years
  • Online Initial Teacher Education in NSW.

 These reports confirmed that though initial teacher education delivered in NSW is of a high standard, there are areas for improvement in a number of areas.

 Recommendations made to improve teaching degrees include: 

  • beginning teachers must have effective classroom management skills and be trained to support children with special needs
  • primary teachers must be skilled in the explicit and systematic teaching of phonics and phonemic awareness
  • new quality standards be prepared for online degrees
  • online teacher education providers must  take responsibility for finding professional experience placements for their students
  • an annual al survey of beginning teachers and their principals about the quality of teaching degrees be undertaken.

BOSTES will establish a working party to implement the recommendations with representation from tertiary education institutions and other education stakeholders.

The reports can be found on the BOSTES Teacher Accreditation website. 

 For more information, visit: