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Register to vote in the 2015 Quality Teaching Council election

15 Jun 2015

Quality Teaching Council (QTC) elections for the eleven practising teacher/principal positions will take place in the second half of 2015

To vote teachers need to be registered on the electoral roll. Check your eligibility and register to vote.

The following teachers will be automatically included on the electoral roll and do not need to register:

  • accredited teachers with an active accreditation status;
  • accredited teachers on a temporary leave of absence;
  • teachers in the process of applying for voluntary accreditation.

For the first time, early childhood teachers will be able to enrol to vote. To be eligible, early childhood teachers will need to:

  • be currently employed as an early childhood teacher in a NSW early childhood education centre; and
  • have an approved childhood teaching qualification for the purposes of Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations; and
  • agree to have their eligibility confirmed by their employer.

For more information, contact

Julie-Anne Scott
Liaison Officer
02 9268 6319