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Increased choice in training providers for accredited teachers

31 Jan 2014

Increased choice in training providers for accredited teachers

Accredited teachers are required to maintain their currency and skills through ongoing professional development, including completing courses delivered by endorsed training providers.

A greater choice in providers is now available with 22 providers newly endorsed or having had their scope of endorsement broadened by the Quality Teaching Council at its December 2013 meeting. These providers include:

Proficient Teacher level


Highly Accomplished Teacher level

Lead Teacher level


Accredited teachers now have 300 endorsed providers and over 8000 courses from which to choose when completing their compulsory 50 hours of BOSTES registered professional development (PD). Courses covering the full range of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and each of the accreditation levels are available. To deliver BOSTES registered courses at any of the accreditation levels, providers undergo a rigorous selection and approval process.

Further information:

Login to your teacher accreditation account to plan your registered PD for 2014

Visit the teacher accreditation website for information about the requirements for maintaining your accreditation

Contact the Professional Learning team by email or phone 1300 739 338 (within Australia).