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5 tips for completing professional development requirements for Proficient Teacher accreditation

7 Feb 2014

  1. Plan professional learning for your maintenance period. Identify individual and school goals, short term and long term learning goals and use the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to guide you.

  2. Consult with your executive staff, professional learning committee and colleagues about your professional learning plan. Standard descriptor 6.1.2 requires that you use the standards and advice from your colleagues to identify and plan your learning.

  3. Regularly log in to your teacher accreditation account to monitor your progress, update your contact details, search for BOSTES registered professional development, update your professional development records and check your professional development progress report.  

  4. Find BOSTES registered professional development.  Log in to your teacher accreditation account to search the BOSTES professional development register. BOSTES endorsed providers are required to load their courses on the register at least 7 days before the course session commences. Only courses that appear on the register are registered.

  5. Be aware of who validates your professional development. Your participation in Registered professional development is validated by the professional development provider within 30 days of you completing the professional development. Teacher identified professional development is validated by your Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA), your principal or the principal’s delegate.


For further information

  • Login to your teacher accreditation account to search for registered professional development courses
  • Visit the teacher accreditation website for information about the requirements for maintaining your Proficient Teacher accreditation
  • Contact the Professional Learning team by email or phone 1300 739 338 (within Australia).