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BOSTES 3 steps to accreditation for pre-2004 teachers

25 Jul 2016

Teachers employed in a NSW school before 1 October 2004 (pre-2004 teachers) will need to be accredited with the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) to continue teaching beyond 2017.

The deadline for NSW’s most experienced teachers to be accredited is 1 January 2018.

There are three steps to Proficient Teacher Accreditation for pre-2004 teachers. 


Step 1


  • Follow your employer’s instruction regarding your Working With Children Check process
  • Your employer will forward all necessary details to BOSTES


Step 2


  • BOSTES will set up your online teacher accreditation account
  • You will receive a ‘Welcome’ email from BOSTES. The email will include your ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’
  • You will need to activate your accreditation process by logging in

January 2018

Step 3


  • BOSTES will email you an invoice for your 2018 accreditation fee
  • You must pay the invoice before the start of Term 1 to continue teaching in 2018

BOSTES has distributed a pdf format poster (214.03 KB) and pdf format flyer (134.58 KB) to schools to raise awareness about the process.

Accreditation supports quality teaching and recognises the invaluable role teachers play in the community. It does this by prioritising professional development and standards for teachers.

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