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Become an External Assessor

A reliable, high quality teacher accreditation process is a significant factor in improving the status of the teaching profession. External Assessors (EAs) advise the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) on the quality of accreditation reports and evidence and consistency of Proficient Teacher Accreditation decisions made by Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs).  NSW teachers, who successfully apply to become EAs, receive training, support and the opportunity to contribute to developing the next generation of teachers.

  • Being an EA gives you a chance to contribute to the profession through monitoring the quality of the teacher accreditation process.
  • By becoming an EA, your work could contribute to evidence of engaging in professional discussions with colleagues for gaining or maintaining your own accreditation.
  • EAs are granted teacher relief/release for training and are paid a fee for each batch of decisions they review.

What does an EA do?

An EA reviews, against set criteria, batches of 30 Proficient Teacher Accreditation reports and evidence. The EAs review does not change the TAA's decision; its purpose is to assist BOSTES to monitor the appropriateness and consistency of decisions and determine whether any general issues need to be raised with any individual TAA or with TAAs in general.

For each Proficient Teacher Accreditation TAA decision, the EA:

  • Reviews the annotated evidence of how the teacher meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Reviews the Accreditation Report written by the teacher’s mentor or supervisor

Application criteria

  • Recent successful classroom experience
  • In-depth subject knowledge and knowledge of pedagogy
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills
  • Recent experience in supporting and mentoring other teachers particularly with regard to beginning teachers.
  • Willingness to assume the role of an external assessor for a minimum of two years
  • Current employment as a teacher or principal in a NSW school or schools (desirable)

How to become an EA

BOSTES advertises opportunities on this website to become an EA as positions become available or specific expertise is needed. There are no current opportunities to become an EA.

When advertised, teachers can apply in writing by responding to the selection criteria above. If successful, teachers complete specialised training before they start assessing.

More information

Download the External Assessor Policy (PDF 35kb)

email or call the Teaching Standards team on 1300 739 338 (within Australia).