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NSW teachers and education professionals play an important and active role in helping the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) support and promote quality teaching in NSW.  BOSTES offers a range of ways teachers can contribute to the accreditation process.

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BOSTES regularly consults with teachers and the community on proposed changes to the accreditation process, and how BOSTES supports quality teaching.  General feedback is welcome at any time. Learn more about providing feedback

Become an External Assessor

External Assessors (EAs) advise BOSTES on the quality of accreditation reports and evidence and consistency of Proficient Teacher accreditation decisions by Teacher Accreditation Authorities (TAAs).  NSW teachers, who successfully apply to become EAs, receive training and support, and the opportunity to contribute to developing the next generation of teachers.

Learn how to become an External Assessor

Become an External Observer

External Observers (EOs) independently review the classroom practice of other teachers, who are applying for Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher Accreditation.  EOs are highly-skilled accredited teachers who receive specialised training and have the opportunity to observe candidates teaching.

Learn how to become an External Observer

Join an ITE accreditation panel

Accreditation panels review teaching programs submitted for accreditation by universities and other higher education institutes. Becoming involved in an accreditation panel is an excellent way to develop high-level program analysis skills and play a role in preparing future teachers for the classroom. Accredited teachers, teacher educators, school executive staff and principals are encouraged to apply.

Learn about joining an accreditation panel

Stand or take part in the QTC election

Elections for teacher representatives for the QTC, which advises the BOSTES about teaching standards and the accreditation of teachers, are held every three years. The next election will be held in the second half of 2015.

In 2015, for the first time, there will be an elected early childhood teacher resentative on the QTC. . Accredited NSW teachers may stand for election, and all NSW teachers are eligible to vote for the 10 Council members representing teachers.

Learn more about voting and standing for the Council